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is a company founded in 1989 which activity is the commercialization of spare parts to the sector of the repair of domestic appliances of white line (washers, dishwasher, dryers, cookers, ovens, microwave, water kettles, refrigerating and small devices domestic appliances).

To give fulfillment to the mission of the company, we have based our management of the articles on the following concepts: Range of products, confirmed Quality, trustworthy Supply, Prices of market, Innovation and technical Information.

Range of products

We have the wider range of products in the sector. of the white line. We manage more than 11.500 articles with commercial activity, among the 14.000 that we have identified and codified. It is very important for us, to be able to serve our clients articles of high and low rotation. And for this reason, Rexdi S.A. does an economic effort of investment and assumes the high risk of having obsolete. This availability allows to our clients to give viability the repair of the equipment.
We are incorporating always new products, of the different brands and models of manufacturers, both European and international, in a race where the demand goes always ahead of the offer of innovations. A proof of the exposed thing is the quantity of new articles that includes these web and that they were not appearing in the previous physical and attached catalogues of the company.

Trustworthy Supply

Our goal is to serve 100 % of the orders of our clients (nowadays we are in 94% in the set of the orders), although we know that it is very difficult to obtain because they influence many factors foreign to the management: The irregular rotations, the delay in the deliveries of the orders of the suppliers and the unforeseen occasional sales. To reach it we have a few facilities in Badalona (Barcelona) of offices and store of more than 2.000 m2 and a important level of security in the stocks..

Confirmed Quality

We distribute products of quality, of the most qualified manufacturers, who produce under the rigorous quality controls of the procedure of certification of the EU, and the constant checks of the manufacturers of more important domestic appliances of Europe. Examples: Bitron, Elbi, Invensys, Ranco, Plaset, Askoll, Copreci, Ego. Every day they offer on the market more quantity of products made of Asian countries, and in some of these products we could have verified that the quality is not controlled.

Prices of market

Our prices of sale we try that place in a competitive line inside the different options of the market and considering to be the compared quality of the products an important criterion.

• In the characteristics of our products we indicate the manufacturer and / or the quality (original / alternativa).
• When in some of the products we offer two or more different qualities, each of them have its code and price.
• When in any of the products we do not offer alternative quality, though on the market it could obtain, it(he,she) is because having analyzed it we think that it does not have the minimal acceptable quality to offer her to a client.

Technical Information to the client

We have technical information to give support to the consultations that us our clients raise on the products of the most important marks